Report Hooks

Report hooks are functions that are called at key moments during the testing process. These are useful to report statistics gathered during the execution.

A report hook can be declared using the ReportHook macro:

#include <criterion/criterion.h>
#include <criterion/hooks.h>

ReportHook(Phase)() {

The macro takes a Phase parameter that indicates the phase at which the function shall be run. Valid phases are described below.

Note: there are no guarantees regarding the order of execution of report hooks on the same phase. In other words, all report hooks of a specific phase could be executed in any order.

Testing Phases

The flow of the test process goes as follows:

  1. PRE_ALL: occurs before running the tests.
  2. PRE_SUITE: occurs before a suite is initialized.
  3. PRE_INIT: occurs before a test is initialized.
  4. PRE_TEST: occurs after the test initialization, but before the test is run.
  5. ASSERT: occurs when an assertion is hit
  6. TEST_CRASH: occurs when a test crashes unexpectedly.
  7. POST_TEST: occurs after a test ends, but before the test finalization.
  8. POST_FINI: occurs after a test finalization.
  9. POST_SUITE: occurs before a suite is finalized.
  10. POST_ALL: occurs after all the tests are done.

Hook Parameters

A report hook may take zero or one parameter. If a parameter is given, it is undefined behaviour if it is not a pointer type and not of the proper pointed type for that phase.

Valid types for each phases are:

  • struct criterion_test_set * for PRE_ALL.
  • struct criterion_suite_set * for PRE_SUITE.
  • struct criterion_test * for PRE_INIT and PRE_TEST.
  • struct criterion_assert_stats * for ASSERT.
  • struct criterion_test_stats * for POST_TEST, POST_FINI, and TEST_CRASH.
  • struct criterion_suite_stats * for POST_SUITE.
  • struct criterion_global_stats * for POST_ALL.

For instance, these are valid report hook declarations for the PRE_TEST phase:

#include <criterion/criterion.h>
#include <criterion/hooks.h>

ReportHook(PRE_TEST)() {
    // not using the parameter

ReportHook(PRE_TEST)(struct criterion_test *test) {
    // using the parameter